Book #47: Ramona the Pest

Inspired by Wild Things, I decided to try some Beverly Cleary. I have never read any of her books, but I had a cool, old hardback copy of Ramona the Pest I’d picked up at a thrift store a while ago. This short children’s novel tells the story of Ramona beginning kindergarten. She’s excited she’ll finally be going to school like her older sister, Beezus, and learn to read and write. Each chapter tells of the many new experiences she encounters at school and the difficulty of discovering her way in the world. It’s not really my kind of book though I can see the appeal to children. One aspect of it I did appreciate was how Cleary captures the different way children view the world, deciphering their own meaning from words they don’t understand or the mysterious compulsion to pull another girl’s curl and watch it go boing.. I won’t be delving into any more Cleary anytime soon.

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