Book #39: Charlotte’s Web

How did I miss this book growing up? I remember watching the movie, but somehow I never read Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White until I was thirty-one; my husband thinks it’s a crime. I am glad to have finally read it, and reading it as an adult doesn’t take away any of the beauty and wonder of this book. The story of Charlotte the spider saving Wilbur the pig is so beautiful, and full of grand themes of sacrificial friendship, wonder in the ordinary, treating others well, and how seemingly insignificant people can accomplish important things. White is a masterful writer and I look forward to reading more by him – Ben has also shamed me because I have not read Stuart Little.

One thought on “Book #39: Charlotte’s Web

  1. I can’t believe you had never read this. It is one of my favorite kid’s books. I read this one again this year after reading several other “classics” to my boys. This one was far over all the rest. The descriptions of farm life and seasons changing are masterful.

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