Book #34: Howards End

This book has been on my shelf for years. For some reason, I finally picked it up. Howards End by E. M. Forster is a novel that reminded me a lot of Jane Austen; though set about a century later than her novels, it’s still during the time in England when there were strict social classes accompanied by their own mores – and, of course, there’s a woman being courted and wed. The novel is about three families of different social classes whose lives become intertwined: the Schlegel sisters and brother; the Wilcox family; and the Bast couple. The Schlegels lives off of their inheritance, while the Wilcoxes, the father and his two grown sons, have found wealth through business. The Basts are poor, struggling to get by even on a clerk’s wage. As the interactions between these families grow, their worldviews collide, causing friction and strife. It wasn’t a fast-paced novel by any means, and tended to get philosophical at times. However, it did keep me interested and wondering how the story would play out, and the characters were expertly drawn.

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