Book #33: The Boneshaker

I enjoyed Kate Milford’s other novel so much I decided to try another. Thankfully my library had her first novel, The Boneshaker. This middle-grade novel is about Natalie, a thirteen-year-old that lives in Arcane, Missouri in the early twentieth century. One day a traveling medicine show rolls into town and sets up shop. Natalie can tell from the beginning there’s something suspicious about the man, Dr. Limberleg, that runs the show, so she begins to investigate the fair and the strange men that work it. Eventually, she begins to realize there is something sinister and much larger than their little town going on with Limberleg and his associates. The Boneshaker is an intriguing mystery though it does get a little weird and maybe too scary for young kids. It reminded me a lot of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes about another child confronting an evil circus. It was a fun read overall; I enjoy Milford’s skillful writing, wonderful world-building, and engaging plots. 

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