Book #30: Greenglass House

Greenglass House by Kate Milford is a really fun children’s mystery. Milo lives with his parents, the Pines, at Greenglass House, an inn decorated with beautiful stained glass and popular with the smuggler’s coming through Nagspeake. Usually, business is slow around Christmas and Milo and his parents have the whole house to themselves. But this year, new guests keep arriving one after another, each one with a strange connection to the house, changing the Pines’ holiday from quiet to chaotic. Problems really start to arise once items go missing. Milo and his friend, Meddy, decide they are going to delve into each guest’s past in order to discover the thief and untangle the mysterious connections surrounding the house. It’s a really engaging story in a creative setting. The novel looks at themes of adoption, identity, and history. I enjoyed Milford’s writing, and look forward to reading some of her other novels. 

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