Book #19: Today Will Be Different

My sister loaned me Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple after we both enjoyed her other book, Where’d You Go Bernadette? This novel is written in a similar style and tone (though thankfully not written in correspondence) and actually takes place in the same universe as Bernadette. Today Will Be Different is the story of Eleanor, a middle-aged stay-at-home mom and artist. The highlight of her career was working on a popular animated series, and she hopes to publish her memoir, though she can’t seem to get it started. As she feels her life falling apart, she’s determined to be a better person and to make her and her family’s lives better. But she decides this on a day when everything goes wrong. As she tries to make it through the day with her son, Timby, a past she has locked away comes surging back to haunt her. Facing her past and the fears about her future, Eleanor discovers what’s important in life and how to move forward. Semple’s novel is a quick, fun read, though it delves into Eleanor’s dark backstory with humor and empathy. I enjoyed this as a light read and a great palate cleanser after the confusing The Man in the High Castle.

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