Book #18: The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle is my second book to read by Philip K. Dick. I’ve watched some of the Amazon Prime series based on the novel, and thought I’d give the book a go. The premise is an alternate reality wherein Germany and Japan won World War II, and America has been split up as part of their territories. The novel follows several characters as they live under the rule of these nations, and looks at the escalating tensions between Japan and Germany. Dick apparently delves into some deeply philosophical issues in this novel, but I just didn’t get it. I couldn’t tell you the purpose of this book – what issues he was exploring or what even his opinions were.┬áIt was choppy and written in an odd style. It was a Hugo award winner in 1963, so I expected it to be much more profound – or at least understandable. But it was totally lost on me. If the premise wasn’t so intriguing, I wouldn’t have finished it. All I can say is this book was weird and beyond me.

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