Book #13: On Becoming Babywise

A friend recommended On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Robert Bucknam and Gary Ezzo as a good primer for feeding routine and sleep training, with the advice to not be too militant about it. As someone starting from knowing nothing, this was very informative – what a normal day for an infant looks like, how to breastfeed, hunger cues, etc. Also, it was helpful having read it prior to baby’s arrival. I didn’t feel bogged down in making sure my life fit exactly to what the book taught, and was able to take in some of the basic, foundational principles: good feedings lead to good sleep, routine is helpful for babies, and eat-play-sleep is a good pattern to follow. Apparently this book is super controversial but I didn’t dig into the differing sides. I found it helpful for me and look forward to implementing some of the ideas with our little one. (I’m 22 weeks – over halfway, and very eager to meet baby.)

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