Book #12: Don’t Waste Your Life

A friend gave me Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper last fall, and I’ve been slowly working my way through it since the beginning of the year. Piper essentially writes a plea to his readers to think more broadly about their salvation than themselves and their immediate context. In the first several chapters he lays out his argument that God didn’t save His people for our sakes, He saved us to be part of His grand design that all the world may know Him. We spend a lot of our life focused on our own pursuits and how we can maximize our happiness and ease. But the question Piper asks is, Is this as a primary pursuit in life honoring to the salvation God has given us? Jesus promises suffering for obeying Him; the life of a Christian is not easy. Our primary goal is to delight in God and share that delight with others, which often involves risk and toil. While he does have a chapter on laboring for God in non-ministry vocations, Piper has a strong emphasis on world missions. A lot is packed in to this slim little book and I don’t think I quite got all of it. But of what I did get, it’s very convicting and makes you reassess your life priorities.

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