Book #10: Dad Is Fat

I am still in a bit of a reading slump; I haven’t been able to read much besides light or funny books. (I’ve started about three or four books and I won’t say abandoned them yet because my bookmarks are still there – I’ll get back to them eventually…maybe.) I enjoy the comedian Jim Gaffigan and we already owned his book, Dad Is Fat, so I figured I’d give it a go. This is a collection of essays from Gaffigan about his life as a father of five covering a range of topics including children’s books, birthday parties, sleeping arrangements of a family of seven in a two bedroom apartment, and people’s reactions to the number of your offspring. It has a lot of his material found in his album Mr. Universe, though the book material is further expanded. The book is humorous though it tends toward the snarky and cynical side, with a little heart here and there. I know Gaffigan is offering a commentary on our perceptions of parenthood and having children, but I would’ve enjoyed it more if he’d had more insights past these common perceptions instead of just talking about them. But his observations of some of the ridiculousness of having children were funny, and I found┬áthe glimpse into a different life interesting.

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