Book #9: I Am Spock

I’m a fan of all the Star Trek movies, and I have always found Leonard Nimoy an intriguing person. I Am Spock by Nimoy is a memoir about the creation of Spock and covers the formation and progression of Star Trek from the original series in the 1960s to 1995 when the memoir was published. It is essentially a biography of the character Spock; Nimoy expresses that he immersed himself in the character so much and so long that he is a permanent part of the actor. Celebrity memoirs can be trashy and full of gossip, but this one is very dignified and enjoyable. Nimoy portrays his co-workers with great respect and admiration. He offers very interesting behind-the-scenes glimpses in the evolution of the Star Trek franchise and the character of Spock. Nimoy was a passionate man (that did other things beside Star Trek – did you know he directed Three Men and a Baby? New to me!) that was intent on perfecting his craft as well as guarding the character that had become so much a part of him. It’s an easy read and very informative about the entertainment industry and the evolution of the Star Trek franchise specifically. I enjoyed this book, and only wish that it was updated with his reflections on reprising his character in the new Star Trek franchise. 

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