Book #8: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

I was talking wth a friend the other day and the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne came up. I asked her how it was and next thing I knew she was putting it in my hands. Though I have been on an easy reading kick, I figured I’d give this one a try because, though it’s much heavier content, it’s short. The story follows Bruno, a nine-year-old German boy, who is suddenly taken from his home in Berlin to a new home somewhere far away. From his bedroom window, Bruno can see a tall fence topped with barbed wire and hundreds of people dressed in striped pajamas on the other side. One day, while exploring along the edge of the fence, he meets a boy in striped pajamas named Shmuel. They strike up a friendship and daily spend time discussing their lives, each from their own side of the fence. Boyne, who calls this novel a fable, has crafted a very unique look at the Holocaust and its devastating effects, while also asking the reader to consider the fences that still exist in the world today. Though a quick read, it’s quite thought-provoking and poignant, worth the read. 

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  1. Cindy talked me into watching that movie without knowing anything about it. Anything. I remember being so disturbed. But I guess that is the point. The holocaust is disturbing and awful and evil and terrible.

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