Abandoned Book: Artemis

I rarely don’t finish books. Mainly because I buy most of the books I read and if I’ve put money into it, I’m going to at least power through it. I enjoyed Andy Weir’s first novel, The Martian, and figured I’d enjoy his next. So, without waiting for reviews, I bought his second novel, Artemis, right after it came out. This book is awful. And I don’t mean it’s just not my taste or it’s not for my current mood. This novel is objectively terrible. The main character is a woman, though you’d never be able to tell that from how she’s written. She is some literary incarnation of a stereotypical man’s fantasy – brash, sex-crazed, unemotional, masculine. She’s one of the worst written characters I’ve ever read, and absolutely the worst female character. Besides the horrendous protagonist, it’s full of flat secondary characters and mediocre writing – even the plot wasn’t exciting enough to keep me going. I gave this book about 100 pages and just couldn’t waste any more of my time. This is my first book to abandon this year. I just want to know how I can get my money back.

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