Books #66 & #67: Voices from the Past and the Bible

This year for my devotional reading I worked through Voices from the Past: Puritan Devotional Readings and the six-volume Reader’s Edition of the Bible. Voices from the Past is a collection of Puritan writings specifically for devotional time, a page for each day of the year. I was intimidated to read the Puritans, afraid of archaic language and complex thoughts above my comprehension. But these writings are so far from archaic or academic – they are rich and deep, delving into the grief and struggles of the Christian life, and rejoicing in its blessings and treasures provided for us through the work of Christ. They are immensely relatable and brimming with wisdom from godly men that aimed to live a life pleasing to the Lord. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something short yet rich to add to your devotional time.

Earlier this year we got Crossway’s six-volume Reader’s Bible. This set not only looks lovely, it formats the Bible without any chapter or verse numbers, and it’s printed on real paper (not tissue paper like most Bible), so it looks and feels more like a real book. I love this edition because it helps me see the Bible as a cohesive work, each book relating to the whole, whereas with chapters and verses it is easy to read it as segmented, unrelated chunks. I enjoyed working through it this year for the first time, following Ligonier’s Bible Reading Plan (2018’s is available here), and look forward to reading through it again using this reading plan that goes through each volume at a time. This set is a bit pricey, but Amazon has the best deal and I have found it very helpful in my reading and understanding of the Bible. 

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  1. Love the readers edition! I have the single volume. I recommend the single version (in case another wants a slightly cheaper version and a version that you can carry the whole thing around) as well.

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