Book #64: Far Far Away

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal is one of those novels that’s hard to describe. It’s a young adult novel, but at it’s core it is a modern day fairy tale in the vein of Neil Gaiman. The book is narrated by the ghost of Jacob Grimm, one of the Grimm Brothers, lending to its fairy tale feel. Jacob has met Jeremy, a teenage boy who can hear the ancient ghost. Jacob becomes a companion for Jeremy but, unawares to Jeremy, he is also his protector from the Finder of Occasions, an unidentified evil force at work in Jeremy’s town of Never Better. Like most fairy tales, this novel celebrates the outworking of justice on evil and the triumph of virtue. It’s an easy, engaging read with unique characters and an intricate plot. McNeal’s mix of modern day and fairy tale is creative and well-done, giving this book a distinctive flair. It’s a novel that took me for a loop, I had no idea what to expect as it progressed, and I enjoyed the surprise. 

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