Book #57: Britt-Marie Was Here

After finishing My Grandmother Told Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, I decided to read Fredrik Backman’s semi-sequel novel Britt-Marie Was Here, which picks up where the previous novel left off for one minor character, Britt-Marie. After moving away to start her life over, Britt-Marie ends up in the tiny, unknown town of Borg as caretaker for the Recreation Center. She longs to find meaning and purpose in her life, but wonders if she can change in her middle-age. She begins to settle in and meet the town’s children, who are all soccer fans but have no field to play on. Suddenly, Britt-Marie finds herself as their coach and mentor. In true Backman form, the story is full of zany characters and odd, sweet friendships. He explores the value of all people, despite their origin, age, and social status. It’s a quirky, fun read as enjoyable as Backman’s other novels.

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