Book #54: Respectable Sins

Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate by Jerry Bridges is an excellent book I hope every Christian will read. In our ever-changing national landscape of race wars and gender spectrums, it’s easy for Christians to hone in on these big issues outside of themselves and ignore the less noticeable sin within, sins that we begin to accept. But Bridges helps us realize that while there are varying degrees of sin, sin is still sin, abominable to our holy God, and, as His people, we must be about the business of seeking it out within ourselves and killing it. In this incredibly convicting book, Bridges lays out the biblical evidence of the danger of our sin, that God’s people are called to be holy as He is holy, and how He has given us the Holy Spirit to help sanctify us. With this foundation, he then addresses many of the sins we tolerate such as ungodliness, anxiety, pride, anger, and judgmentalism. This book is so helpful in helping us analyze our own hearts and get down to the root of our actions towards God and others. Bridges also provides practical ways to fight these sins, providing Scripture references to help us believe truth such as when we’re tempted to doubt or judge others. It’s not a very long book and one to work through slowly as you ponder and pray over each sin discussed and how it appears in your own life. It’s a difficult book because it reveals so much of our hearts, but absolutely worth the read – several times – as we fight be look more like Jesus.

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