Book #38: The Pastor’s Wife

The Pastor’s Wife: Strengthened by Grace for a Life of Love by Gloria Furman is a short, little book packed with valuable insight. Forman, herself a pastor and missionary’s wife, offers wisdom from her own life about the complexity of this role. A pastor’s wife can be saddled with expectations to be a certain way or do certain things in the life of the church, but Furman acknowledges from the outset that every woman and their life is unique; there is no mold to fill. While addressing common difficulties faced by pastors’ wives, Furman boils down this unique position to its absolutely essential duties: love God, love your pastor-husband, love the church. Furman lays out a lot of deep theological truths, so, though I read it rather quickly this first time around, it would be better to savor this small book if/when I read it again. Some thoughts I came away with that were particularly helpful for me:

  • While leading Bible studies, teaching Sunday School, and various other responsibilities at the church are good and beneficial, my primary ministry to the church is in serving my husband, and even that won’t look the same as other marriages.
  • In the midst of the turmoil of comparison to other ministry wives, Furman reminded me that I have been given talents and abilities by God not as an end in themselves so that I can measure up to some arbitrary standards set by me or the world around me, but so that He would be glorified. We are each differently equipped but all for the same goal: God’s glory.

It’s a wonderful, Gospel-driven look at the role of the pastor’s wife and I personally found it very encouraging. I think it’d be a good encouragement for any pastor’s wife you may know.

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