Book #35: Goblins on the Prowl

When I was a child, one of my earliest memories of reading is a book called Goblins in the Castle by Bruce Coville. I never read much by this author; most of what he writes doesn’t interest me. But for some reason, his story of William, Fauna, and their odd band of friends on a quest featuring wild goblins and mischievous witches captivated my imagination as a child – so much so that I cherished reading the story even as an adult. My old paperback copy had gotten quite dogeared, so I began to search for a hardback cover that would stand up to multiple readings. I was quite delighted to discover during this search that, twenty-three years after Goblins in the Castle, Coville released a sequel, Goblins on the Prowl. So I got not only a new hardback of an old favorite, but a new book as well which did not disappoint. The sequel is about Fauna, a solitary girl that lives in the woods but doesn’t know her past. She is friends with William, who lives in Toad-in-a-Cage Castle, named so because of the giant stone toad in a cage in the front hall of the castle. One night, while visiting the castle, Fauna and William decide to inspect the stone toad when it suddenly comes to life and runs off with William in its mouth. Fauna and other friends set off to rescue William from his abductor. The story is incredibly creative and fun, full of unique and lovable characters, familiar ones from the first book and new ones as well. I really enjoyed this nostalgic read and am so happy to add these two books to my library.

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