Book #32: Ella Enchanted

I really dislike movie covers – but the thrift store price tag won in the end. I had actually never seen the movie Ella Enchanted and had always been interested in the book. After reading the book I’ve learned that the two have little to do with each other, so I’m glad I’ve read it. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine is a creative reimagining of the Cinderella fairy tale. At birth, Ella was given the “gift of obedience” by the loony fairy Lucinda. She must always obey a command, no matter how annoying, embarrassing, or dangerous it may be. After her mother dies, Ella sets out to find Lucinda to get her to rescind her curse. As expected, there is an evil stepmother and stepsisters, a prince, and fairy magic. But Ella is a much more adventurous and headstrong girl than the traditional Cinderella. It is a children’s book though I’m not sure I’d want children picking up any lessons from it – in revolt of her curse, Ella finds ways to obey but still frustrate the one commanding. For example, when asked to come closer she takes ones step; so the speaker must ask repeatedly to get her to where they want her. It is silly and childish, but of course she is a child that matures throughout. But it also is a story of self-sacrificial love and bravery, and I enjoyed the entertaining and imaginative tale.

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