Book #16: None Like Him

I came upon None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing) by Jen Wilkin on a book review a while ago and stuck it on my wish list. Though I’ve read a different book on God’s attributes, I wanted to try this one as well. Wilkin states from the beginning that this topic has certainly been done before, she does not feign to be original. In each chapter she addresses an attribute of God that humans do not have, such as His omniscience and sovereignty, defining each and showing where we see them in Scripture. But the part that I found different from other books and extremely practical was that in each chapter she also looks at how we as humans try to claim these attributes ourselves, though we are small, finite creatures. For example, we try to be omniscient in our overindulgence of media and gossip; we try to be sovereign in our desire to control people, circumstances, and possessions. Each chapter is a meditation of the awesome holiness of our God, as well as a self-reflection on how we try to usurp His role, and ends with Scripture and questions for meditation and prayer. I really appreciated this book, even if it is a topic that’s been done before, because studying it helped me to see some sin tendencies in my own life and repent and try to fight against them. This would be a great study for individual devotions or a group.

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