Book #15: Immanuel in Our Place

Last year I read my first commentary, a book on Ecclesiastes from The Gospel According to the Old Testament series. I wanted to try another in this series and picked up Immanuel in Our Place: Seeing Christ in Israel’s Worship by Tremper Longman III to help as I read through the Pentateuch. Longman begins with the garden of Eden, where man and God had perfect communion. After the Fall, when this communion was broken, God instituted a system of worship to provide another way for His people to be with Him. Longman breaks it down into the ideas of sacred space (tabernacle/temple), sacred acts (sacrifices/offerings), sacred people (Levite priesthood), and sacred time (festivals/holy days). He then shows how each of these are fulfilled in Christ, whose life and death transformed our worship. Christ, the Son of God incarnate, was the ultimate sacrifice to satisfy God’s wrath for His people’s sin. Through His perfect life, atoning death, and resurrection, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in His people and established a priesthood of all believers. This commentary is a broad overview written very simply so laymen like me can easily follow Longman’s explanations.

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