Book #14: Openness Unhindered

I read Rosaria Butterfield’s first book last year, and she recently spoke in Jackson. So I decided it was time to read her second book, Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ. Her first book is mainly her conversion story, which she recaps in the first chapter of Openness Unhindered, so you do not have to read them in any certain order. In this book, she addresses different issues related to sexuality in our culture today from a biblical perspective as well as what she has learned through her experience. Some issues she looks at are identity in Christ, the historical and sociological development of sexual orientation, the difficulty of struggling honestly with sin inside the church, and the challenge of loving each other when you disagree. My favorite thing about Butterfield’s writing is that everything she talks about can be applied to Christians struggling with any sin, not just sexual sin – it is very easy to make our identity something other than Christ or to hide our sin struggle because we don’t feel safe being open about it with other believers. But my favorite chapter is her last chapter, which alone is worth buying this book. She discusses how we are to live in a loving and hospitable community as the body of Christ, welcoming not only brothers and sisters, but the stranger into the fold. She offers astute wisdom on why this is so important and even concrete examples of how her family has made hospitality a part of their lives. Butterfield’s writing style can be weighty and dense, but her content is so excellent and needed that it is worth the work to read this book. 

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