Book #11: The Screwtape Letters

After reading Till We Have Faces, I had a hankering for some more C. S. Lewis, so I picked up The Screwtape Letters. I first read this in high school, though I recognize now that I didn’t get much out of it then. This short book is a collection of correspondence from the demon Screwtape to his nephew, Wormwood, about how to properly torment and tempt his human charge in order to secure his soul for Hell. A superb satire, Screwtape provides an honest and biting critique of the failings of modern religion. At first, I found it highly entertaining – it was amusing to laugh at those people I know that act like the dolts Screwtape describes. But it is impossible to read too far without, at some point, seeing yourself. It is a convicting, brilliant book that serves as a helpful mirror for Christians and a hope for any turned off by the hypocrisy or shallowness that can be found in the church.

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