Book #10: Future Grace

A friend gave me John Piper’s The Purifying Power of Living by Faith in Future Grace last year for my birthday, recommending it as a devotional book. This 400 page behemoth is intimidating, but Piper broke it down into thirty-one chapters, making it suitably structured for a month long daily read (though it actually took me two months). In Future Grace, Piper shows how we as Christians can live practically by faith in the promises of God, what he coins as “future grace.” This faith should affect our day-to-day life and cause us to live differently than if we didn’t know God as our Savior. Piper also addresses some areas where Christians struggle to trust God and how we must fight unbelief. It was such a rich and meaty book with lots to savor and meditate on after you’ve finished reading it. Because there’s so much in it, it is a book you could slowly work your way through, and where multiple reads would be beneficial.  I highly recommend it, and it is one of my top reads so far this year.

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