Book #3: When Breath Becomes Air

Hubs and I have been out of town so I’m a bit behind on blogging, but super ahead on reading. I love vacation reading! One book that I finished while I was away was When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. I’ll just say from the beginning that this book was rough but worth it, though it may not be for those where cancer hits close to home. When Breath Becomes Air is the memoir of a thirty-six-year-old neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Kalanithi wrote the book during the last year of his life as he grappled with his own diagnosis, the disruption of his planned-out life, and his own inability to fix the disease within him – all while he explores what makes life worth living. Though he spent his life in the medical field, Kalanithi had a background in English and was a skilled writer, so it is well-written. Though a difficult topic, he provides a life-affirming view as he helps readers consider what’s truly important in life and offers an inside perspective to those that may not have personally dealt with cancer or a terminal illness in their lives. 

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