Book #1: About Grace

For Christmas, my husband gave me About Grace byAnthony Doerr, one of my new favorite authors from last year. This novel follows the life of David Winkler, a man who has dreams of the future and in one sees the death of his daughter, Grace. Destroyed by the idea of losing her, he flees his family in the hopes that changing his circumstances might change the outcome. For the rest of his life he must come to terms with the results of this decision. Doerr explores what it means to be family, in all shapes and forms. This was Doerr’s debut novel, and I didn’t like it as much as All the Light We Cannot See, but it is still beautifully written though really long. I thought it got bogged down in the middle but picked up towards the end. I was glad I pushed through to see how the story turned out.

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