Author With Initials in Their Name:That Hideous Strength

For the reading challenge category “a book written by an author with initials in their name” I read That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis, the last book in his Space Trilogy.


The final book in Lewis’ Space Trilogy is quite different from the other two. This novel follows the stories of numerous characters. Dr. Ransom, the main character from the other two novels, is in the book though in a minor role. That Hideous Strength shows the forces of good and evil that readers met in the previous two novels battling for Earth. This story is a bit darker and more science fiction than the others, though it moved at a much quicker pace with less long philosophical sections. Honestly, I don’t really know what to make of this Space Trilogy, especially this last book. It had numerous themes running throughout and left me with a sense that I just didn’t understand what Lewis was trying to do. I love Lewis, but this series was not very interesting to me. Ultimately, I’m just proud to have finally finished these books as they’ve been on my bookshelf for over a decade.

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