2017 Reading Challenge and Plans

I’ve got three books left to post about this year to conclude my reading challenge of a book a week. It’s been fun to push myself to read more, and I’m thrilled to finish out the year with 52 books completed. 

Challies has released his reading plan for 2017. He’s updated some of the categories, but it follows the same structure with goal options of a book every four weeks, every two weeks, every week, and two books a week. My favorite reading blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, also has released two reading plans for next year. But, for next year, I’ve got some plans of my own. 

I will be keeping my goal of one book a week. Fifty-two books was a challenge when I wasn’t reading very much at all in 2015, but I enjoyed and was spurred on by the competitive aspect of it. To keep things practical, I won’t be increasing my goal for next year, but aim to keep steady at my current pace. I’m a slow reader, and to try to increase my yearly goal would mean I couldn’t do much else besides read, or I’d be reading a bunch of short books.

I decided, after reflecting on this year, I won’t be following any prescribed list of categories. While it’s nice to stretch my reading horizons, and I likely will use some of Challies’ categories to do so, I discovered I’m a very emotional reader – I want to read what I’m in the mood for. If I don’t feel emotionally invested in the book at the beginning, it’s harder to get through and I stall on reading altogether. So instead of worrying about categories, I’m just going to read what I want. But I do aim to push myself to read more difficult and varying types of books.

I’ve already got my “to be read” stack going! (Though I’m sure my plans will change)


What are your reading goals for 2017? 

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