2016 Reading Challenge

I often find myself wishing I had more time to read. The truth, though, is that I actually have plenty of time to read, I just fill it with other things – like watching The Office for the hundredth time. The books I do pick up are usually fiction because it’s what I enjoy the most and find the easiest to read. I often have trouble wading through non-fiction and so I steer clear of it. But I have found myself wanting to dedicate more time to reading and branch out more.

Tim Challies has released a reading challenge for 2016 that encourages you not only to read more, but also to expand the types of books being read. It’s broken down into levels so you can attempt a challenge suited to your time and ability. The topics listed for each reading plan are pretty broad so you can read what interests you, and some are fun, like “a book with a great cover.” He even made a nice chart to help you keep track. There are lots of reading plans out there of various forms, but I like Challies’ because his includes some theological topics and Christian authors, which is an area where I’d like to read more.

I’ll be attempting to read a book a week next year, following through his suggestions. It’s pretty daunting as I’m quite a slow reader and have trouble finishing. When I was an English major in college I read so much because I had to – having several lit classes at once, I burned through quite a number of books over time. So I’m hoping that having a deadline again will help push me to read more. I’ll also be tracking what I read on the blog for accountability and for anyone that’s interested.

I hope you’ll consider this reading challenge for next year. It’s very doable, whether you read nothing right now and want to start, or read all day every day and just need to keep it up.

Happy reading!

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